Hey Kids! Learn How To Brush Your Teeth Properly With Baby Tooth & Make the Tooth Fairy Happy!

The Tooth Fairy loves clean & healthy teeth! Brush along with BT and his friends, Stoink and CDHA Dental Hygienist Miss Tiffany. Together, they’ll show you how to brush your teeth properly! We’re all about bringing free dental education to children and families everywhere.

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Almost everyone has a sweet tooth, do you? Make sure to teach your children to use their toothbrushes if they have a treat. Plaque is not their teeth’s friend, it causes cavities! Make sure they brush their teeth and get that fuzzy plaque off. The Tooth Fairy loves to find clean, shiny and healthy teeth under their pillows. Proper brushing and flossing helps keeps their gums healthy too. A healthy mouth will help keep their whole body healthy.

Our fun brushing video helps kids learn good brushing habits and helps them learn to brush all their teeth. Talk to your children about plaque and cavities and explain why toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss are their smile’s best friends. Make up some fun brushing games, make a brushing chart using stickers and go toothbrush shopping. Good oral health helps keep teeth healthy.