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Dental education has never been this much fun! Welcome to The Adventures of Dent Strong. Baby Tooth hosts Tooth Talk TV to introduce children to the importance of oral health and hygiene. He’s passionate about keeping teeth healthy and clean.

Join the Dent Strong team by sharing the ToothTalkTV videos in your home, dentist office, or school!

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Hey Kids! Learn How To Brush Your Teeth Properly With Baby Tooth & Make the Tooth Fairy Happy!

The Tooth Fairy loves clean & healthy teeth! Brush along with BT and his friends, Stoink and CDHA Dental Hygienist Miss Tiffany. Together, they’ll show you how to brush your teeth properly!

Let our brushing buddies help your kids keep their teeth healthy.

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Baby Tooth Discusses the Importance of Dental Checkups with ODA President Dr. Gerald Smith

Baby Tooth talks with Dr. Smith, President of the Ontario Dental Association about the importance of dental checkups.

The zany Bacillus Brothers Bacteria always cause trouble on Tooth Talk TV. BT teaches his audience to take care of their teeth every day.

Join our team of dental superheroes and help spread the word!

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Healthy Snacks & Lunches
Live from the Foodland Ontario Market

Healthy foods help keep our teeth and whole bodies healthy and strong! There are so many delicious and easy options for lunches and snacks. Join BT as he reports live from the market, and discovers what’s fresh from Ontario’s farmers! Special thanks to Foodland Ontario for helping to make Tooth Talk TV possible!

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